Cafe Racers and Old School Classics, just something you have to appreciate, they are part of the reason we have what we have today..

    Also the innovations people think of and the style some have. I love seeing it put into form and take shape.

    Creativity at it’s finest.

    I like lowered cars etc. I just prefer the cars with meaty tires, bigger sidewalls, it’s my style… I dig that S14 Zenki with Work Equips, will own a pair for my S14 Kouki…

    Gotta put love for Corolla’s since the car and engine is just something made for each other.

    The Datsun is just a cherry on top, Blue Bird Love. Anyone who enjoys modifying cars will enjoy this.

    livelikea-dreamer asked:
    Just wanted to let you know that I am thankful that I met you, and you are a genuinely a nice, caring, sweet guy. You being a sexy mother fucker is only the cherry on top lol. Thank You.

    You sexy bitch, thank you so much!

    NASA Photograph - Jordan , Egypt and others from space

    Nasa Solar Eclipse - simply amazing

    I love this video, Datsun, the 510, 240z and the way people look at older cars as they pass you.

    Me Far Right, Ian Archer Middle V8 S14 Zenki and Brand Contrares V8 Left

    lol 2 CHAINZ!

    2012 Election more laughs to the whole joke

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